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JTJS Products Oy guarantees customers that the product that has been delivered to the customer is working as it should, is free from manufacturing faults  and material defects within the time period of 10 years from the date of delivery (warranty period).

JTJS Products Oy will take care of any defect claimed under the warranty by repairing the unit or replacing it or partially refunding it.

The warranty does not include parts that are affected by wear and tear, such as the battery, charging cable, glass tubes, screens, dosing capsule and accessories included with the product: carrying pouch, o-rings and screen.
However, the contractual or statutory rights of the customer against JTJS Products Oy are not affected by this warranty: JTJS Products Oy is responsible for the applicable statutory provisions,  Finnish consumer law 15 a § (22.12.2021/1242)  

The period of limitation for statutory claims for defect is twenty-four (24) months and shall begin when the products are delivered.
This warranty is valid if:

the product is not damaged by the customer, by mishandling it, and does not show signs of damage that was caused by using it against the normal intended purpose.  

the product does not show signs of repairs that were not authorized by JTJS Products Oy

The product has its serial number intact and the unit has been registered.

This warranty is valid only if the customer registers the product within one year of the delivery at or OR by registering it by 31th December 2023.

Warranty will be voided if the product has not been registered within this period. The product can be registered only once

The product can be registered only by the original owner of the device and warranty is not transferable in case of re-sale

Warranty cases will need to present the original invoice and claimed within 2 months of the warranty issue becoming obvious to the user.  
JTJS Products Oy takes responsibility of the two way returning costs for the first year. For the rest of the warranty period, customer is responsible for return costs and JTJS Products Oy pays for the fees of shipping back the unit to the customer.  

Any customs duties and such costs must be paid by the customer.

 JTJS Products Oy has the right to charge a fee of € 80.00 for unnecessary warranty cases to cover the additional costs for the company. For example if the unit has been damaged by someone because of misuse, or by unauthorized repairs or is working as expected and advised by the user instruction manual. 
This warranty is subject to the laws of Finland.