Rimmed  basket screen
This basket is designed to be used with the 3d cooling stem..
Spare part - glass lining on top of heater Tinymight 2
Sometimes a drop can break this glass. It can be replaced easily by opening the back end big screw..
Spare part - mesh screen for the heater protector screen holder
stainless steel screen for the screen holder.NEVER put the screen directly inside the Tinymight vapo..
Spare part - O-ring for top panel
Spare part - O-ring for top panel, this spare part can help you if you lose the original oring that ..
spare part - screen holder on top of heater
Stainless steel screen holder and the screen. ..
Stir tool / multitool Tinymight 2
A tool for the top panel of the Tinymight 2. This can be used in many ways. To adjust the size of th..
Beeswax jar
a Glass jar with a mixture of local beeswax with paraffin oil for treating the Tinymight wood...
O-ring package for the cooling unit
10 pcs. oring for the cooling unit (5pcs. smaller, 5pcs. bigger one)  and 1 big red oring for t..
Missing product?
If you need some spare part which is not listed here, please contact our customer support to verify ..
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